Artistic Endeavors

In high school I took two years of photography classes and really began to enjoy experimenting with a creative eye. I started editing pieces and putting together new things. Besides photography and occasional doodles, I never considered myself to be that artistic. I played the cello for seven years but music felt different than art. I guess I didn't really realize that there are so many different forms of art.

picture of a postcard for San Marcos that I made

My art minior introduced me to basic drawing, 2D and 3D design, as well as other approaches and techniques. I have become very comfortable creating works on my computer using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. I find that working digitally can allow me to experiment with things more quickly than executing a hands-on process to get an experimental result. However, there is always a balance that needs to exist. I usually write down ideas and sketches on paper at the beginning of the process.

I have learned how to properly use certain media and what techniques to use for each. Drawing with charcoal is different than painting with guache or ink. Each medium comes with specific tools and techniques to get the cleanest outcome. In addition to technical expertise, there are of course the artistic qualities of a piece. Does it look visually interesting? Is it compositionally balanced? I have learned and practiced how to make art in many ways and I am always looking for new projects and ways to approach them.

picture of a poster for Citizens for Animal Protection that I made

To see more of my works, visit my portfolio site here.